My Commitment to You:


  • Showcasing Your Home:  Displaying your home attractively and enticingly is essential. After making sure all appropriate repairs, staging and cleaning is complete, I will bring my acclaimed photographer to capture the essence of your home in a lovely slideshow, which will be will be linked to all the major listing services.
  • Open House Events:  Personal interactions are the tried and true way to connect with potential purchasers – I have a great commitment to in-person interactions, and I advocate Open House events.  Based on my success rate, my clients AGREE!


  • Finding what You Seek:  Learning about your lifestyle and goals, plus knowing your budget will help me help you shop for your next home.
  • Your Personal Shopper:  learn what you seek, visualize your prospective home, and then help you find it.  Ensuring your contentment with the home you will live in is key to my personal satisfaction.